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Ryan Price has a really positive post describing his first glimpse of OpenLaszlo development. I’m glad he likes what he sees, but his post actually alerted me to a webcast by Adam Wolff showing what LZX is like from a developer’s point of view.

Adam was the Chief Software Architect at Laszlo Systems before he left to start his own consultancy, Elastic Process. I guess there’s so much demand these days for OpenLaszlo development that it’s more lucrative to be on your own! Adam is responsible for much much of the Laszlo Foundation Classes – the core classes that are available in all OpenLaszlo applications – and the part of the platform that developers interact with the most.

The webcast is interesting because gives you an end-to-end example of a simple application, including a basic web service, but it’s delivered by the person who wrote the APIs.

If you want to see some more OpenLaszlo Webcasts, check out the Laszlo microsite for the AJAXWorld conference. I’ve already posted about David Temkin’s and my own talks, but there’s a bunch of others (Laszlo had a day-long session). I’ve copied the links below, since they’re easy to miss on the AJAXWorld page:

More developer-oriented:

More strategic/business-oriented:

3 thoughts on “OpenLaszlo Webcasts

  1. Thanks for noticing, Antun.

    These look like some great resources. I’m too busy to develop any OpenLaszlo apps “just for fun” now, but I’m trying to organize a hack day in conjunction with the first BarCampOrlando, and I’d like to develop a Laszlo app in time to give my first impressions of the process in action. A friend of mine will be developing a similar app in Flex, and we’re going to go head-to-head. If it ends up working out, it will be a great presentation at BarCamp.

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