Hanzi Challenge – Mac OSX Dashboard Widget

I have an Android desktop widget that shows me a random Chinese word when I look at my phone’s home screen. I really wanted this functionality on my laptop, so I wrote a simple Dashboard Widget that shows a random Hanzi word when I open the Dashboard. It’s called “Hanzi Challenge”, and you can grab it from my web site.

Hanzi Challenge Dashboard Widget Screenshot.

It shows you the word (in simplified or traditional characters; your preference) and displays the Pinyin pronunciation as a clue when you mouse over it. Click to see the English translation.

3 responses to “Hanzi Challenge – Mac OSX Dashboard Widget

  1. Hi, can you also mention the name of the Android widget app? Looking for something of the kind

  2. Hi Alex,

    The Android widget that I referred to came with the Hanping Chinese Dictionary:


    There’s a free version of the dictionary too, but I’m not sure if that includes the widget.

  3. Thanks for the answer, Antun, would be another hint for me to buy the pro version of Hanping (though I doubt between it and Pleco).
    Have to say, your plugin is better, because it shows not only the hanzi, but the pinyin and the translation, too. Sad that it’s only for MacOS

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